Our Work

Social Media 01

Northgate Trails

Objective – To create exciting and innovative content about the Northgate Trails by utilizing video & photography with the purpose of promotion through Facebook and Instagram.

“Working with Grow Media Group was absolutely amazing. The work that they delivered helped us by giving us not only the tools but also the support that we needed to get the outcomes we wanted. Overall, I found the experience way above my expectations and would recommend Grow Media Group to any business that needs help increasing awareness and defining their business to their target market.”

– Clayton Swanton / Northgate Trails

Social Media 02

Prairie Supply Co

Objective – To develop consistent and engaging social media posts through photo & video, showcasing PSC’s wide variety of unique products.

Social Media 03

Dauphin & District Community Foundation

Objective – To showcase the many projects the DDCF has helped fund in the Parkland region through social media, as well as encouraging citizens to get involved with their community.

Video Projects 01

“Sometimes I Drink” Music Video

Objective – We were honoured when Juno-nominated country artist, Desiree Dorion, reached out to us and asked us to help create a music video for her hit single, “Sometimes I Drink”. Our goal was to tell a story visually, through the lens of her lyrics.

How we did it: While utilizing local actors and locations, we shot and edited together an awesome music video for Desiree to publish on social media.

Results: With over 2.4K views on YouTube, and a Manitoba Country Music Award Nomination, we were so happy with how the project turned out!

Video Projects 02

“Regaining Our Cultural Freedom”

Objective – The Northwest Metis Council Inc. reached out to us to create a public service announcement to promote COVID-19 vaccine uptake amongst the Metis community in Manitoba.

How we did it: With this project, we took a drive out to beautiful Kinosota, to film at the Campbell household.

Results: Filming with local talent and a well written script, we were able to create an effective and successful video.

Video Projects 03

Community Futures 5’1 Perspective

Objective – For this project, our goal was to create a series of videos featuring local entrepreneurs who went through the various programs offered by Community Futures Parkland, to help launch their business idea.

How we did it: Setting up to film at The Hub located in Dauphin Manitoba, we sat down with Amy & Jo and interviewed them on their shared experience going through the Dive into Digital Program.

Results: In the end, we were able to tell a complete story and help inspire a new group of budding entrepreneurs, while also showcasing the talent right here in our community.

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