Meet The Squad

Dale Jacobs

Strategy & Leadership

As the founder of 2 successful companies that he will definitely remind you of, Dale has spent over a decade in developing strategy and engaging the creative process. Dale has been featured in numerous news articles and publications for his efforts including Bloomberg Businessweek and was a finalist on Richard Branson’s Entrepreneurial Island.

His charismatic hands-on approach brings an experience that is second to none in creating the buzz around business. He will eventually want a bronze statue of himself at city hall, but he will likely settle for a bobblehead in his likeness.

Jamey Bishop

Operations Specialist.

Working with computers since the mid 90’s and carrying an unwavering curiosity since then, Jamey is the technological expert of the team. He has over 20 years of experience in a variety of fields and a wide range of skills. From working in sales, drafting, customer service and finance, he’s seen it all.

At Grow Media, all of those skills are applied, as he leads the day to day efforts of the team, including social media & digital ad content creation, finance & Accounting and project management.

He’s also accomplished on the education side as well – graduating from Red River College twice with honours and holds 4 Apple certifications. All of that experience and education combined makes him a real Jack-of-all-trades for the team.

Lacey Delaronde

Social Media Coordinator

Being a social media enthusiast, Lacey brings her creative flow and eye for design to the team! She has a wide background in social media managing, marketing, and sales.

Whether it’s tagging along on video shoots, or holding down the fort at the office, Lacey is the glue that holds Grow together.

You will definitely hear her laugh before you see her, but when you find her, she will likely be sipping on an iced coffee.

Tanner Bennet

Video Production Coordinator

Born and raised in Dauphin, Manitoba, Tanner grew up creating videos on YouTube, and even produced an original documentary; all while still in Highschool!

After graduating from Assiniboine Community College in 2019, Tanner joined the team at Grow Media Group. Since then, Tanner has helped to elevate Grow Media to new heights by bringing the world of visual storytelling to life.

Whether it’s scriptwriting, filming, editing, photography, or animation; he does it all! Outside of the office, you can usually find Tanner yelling at the Television during the Raptors game.

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